Hey Stranger Friends, Welcome To The World A Little Left of Straight!

Nothing is scarier the night before All Hallows Eve, (Halloween), than me deciding to write a blog again.  I had a good run of it for a while, but it has been over eight years since I can claim to have posted “regularly.”  Honestly, I don’t find myself any more interesting than I was back then, but I have certainly become more opinionated and fearless, both qualities I admire and loathe in a person, lol.  I’m still chubby, still living in Northeast Ohio, and yes, still gay.

A conflux of events has brought me here, including a major birthday, a major illness in my family, a major occupational analysis, and a major need to get all of those feelings out and write once more.  I nudged myself a little last month, by becoming a recap and review writer for BroadwayWorld.com, which has forced me to put pen to page, (or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be).  If you are enjoying watching THE RED BAND SOCIETY and MADAM SECRETARY as much as I am, you can follow the links and let me know if I am on the mark on my reviews, or let me in on your two-cents worth.  I’ll be writing a little bit about all of these events as time goes on, as well as my thoughts, opinions and concerns, of the world at large, albeit from a slightly left of straight point of view.

*****You get what I did there?  I alluded to still being gay and how that influences my perspective.  I crack myself up. HA!

If you haven’t noticed, my grammar, and following the rules of writing, still has a lot to be desired.  Luckily, I have an excellent editor at BWW, (BroadwayWorld, thanx Matt), and absolute trust in editors whom I plan to submit a few ideas I am working on.  Besides those places, “it’s my venue, and I’ll scribe as I want to.” with all due apologies to Lesley Gore.  I tend to write as I speak and in my own personal stream of consciousness, so there may be some very long run-on sentences if I am excited or feel very strongly about a subject, no matter how bad it may look on the screen, especially if you don’t speak as quickly as I do, and if you don’t speak fast, really, you are wasting time, so try to get to the point Skippy, we are wasting daylight here, and I have places to go and people to see.  Sometimes it’s just a few words.  A recent blog post here on Word Press, who is hosting this blog, had some quite funny and personal experiences on editor’s own styles, so I am not alone in this, whew!  I will run the occasional spell and grammar check button if something doesn’t make sense even to me.

While “Great Expectations,” is my favorite read, don’t expect too much out of the gate Stranger Friends.  Consider my toe “dipped.” into the shallow end of the writer’s pool, and I am happy that you are along for the ride.  I hope you will follow my blog and please post some comments as the spirit moves you.  Without comments it’s just me talking to whoever might be listening and my friends worry about that for me already.  If you are a fellow blogger, let me know.  I need to fill some space on this site as I get used to the format, and would love to share your words with my Stranger Friends.  (With the exception of NSFW bloggers, or as I like to call them, “Bloggers after Dark.”, this would not be the proper place to post your links.)  I look forward to writing for you…………Scott

An eerily accurate representation of what I look like when I write from an google file photo.
An eerily accurate representation of what I look like when I write from a google file photo.


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