Controversy Alert: I Think We Went Too Far Again With 2 Gay Hoteliers

I’m not going to win any popularity points here, but I think our LGBT Community has gone over the edge a bit in boycotting the two gay men from NYC, who hosted Bigoted Senator Ted Cruz, in their NYC apartment.  There are valid points on each side, and being as such, boycotting men who have also given so much to our Community, seems extremely short-sided.  Senator Cruz is by no means a friend to our LGBT causes, but there are a few ideological points that everyone can have in common.  From what I’ve read, stances on Israel was the link that brought these people together.

Important factors to me on the event, includes that it was NOT a fundraiser to help the Senator in his quest for being President; and There WAS some discussion on LGBT issues, including Cruz’s steadfastness in opposition to gay marriage, however saying that if his daughter was gay, he would love her no different or less.  Do I wish that the event didn’t happen?  Yes AND No!

If I had the money and influence to be able to meet with a powerful Senator in Congress, (regardless of your thoughts on the man’s positions, you have to admit he does hold sway over a certain segment of the legislature), I would welcome the chance to talk to him in my home to try to persuade him to my point of few, and offer examples of how wrong his thinking is on the issues we don’t agree with.  I’m not saying the two men did that, but they had that ability to do it.  We should be engaging those that are actively trying to quash our best interests, but let’s do it face to face and not just by not spending our money on them, we both lose that way.

So creating a discussion is one thing, actively raising money for someone who has clearly stated views against items that are important to us is just wrong, no matter how many other ideas you can agree with, if the one sticking point makes you or your Community less than anyone or anything, you should not support that with your money.  It was made clear by the New York Times, that this was not a fundraiser.

From what I have read and heard, these two gay men have been steadfast in giving back to the LGBT Community in and around NY.  I know for a fact that he has donated space for free to hold major fundraisers at locations they own.  Now because of simply meeting with the Senator, we are asking our Community to stop spending money at their establishments, where they have used that money for so many worthy causes for us?  This does not make sense logically or in my heart of hearts.

Can we not just sit down with these two reasonable men and air our grievances with what they have done.  Educate them on the optics and our concerns, just as I would hope they were doing to Senator Cruz on our LGBT issues.  Ask for another donation to HRC or some worthwhile charity as a token of their understanding about our Communities concerns.  There are a lot of thoughtful ways we could have handled this situation and we failed to do so.

I hope you will comment on this with your ideas as well.  Agree with me, or disagree, but please take the time to give me your opposite points of view, I would greatly appreciate reading what I may be missing in this conversation….Scott


3 thoughts on “Controversy Alert: I Think We Went Too Far Again With 2 Gay Hoteliers”

  1. Valued Scott! A fair bow to Your well written and all-embracing comment! You have certainly managed to expose this matter from all reasonable point of views. The LGBT-society is not seldom acting in a militant and rather unreasonable way, and they would have a great deal to gain by listening to Your sober and sensible argumentation. A fair and diplomatic technique which has more to offer the readers of these articles, as well as it would favour, further and promote our mutual cause and strives for an increased equality, in a more efficient way than using a senseless modus operandum of complete obstinacy. Not much to gain by being deaf to present arguments, now, is there? Disheartening when the meed is ingratitude, regarding previous history of commendable deeds, achievements and contributions. For shame!
    All in compliance, Your friend Andre´.

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  2. I heard of this situation when it first happened, but didn’t do any follow up concerning the aftermath you’ve described. You’re correct this is a yes and no topic.

    As what has been a hot button topic for a while now, I can see the hotel owners gladly accepting a paying guest to show they are not projecting bigotry by refusing someone who is anti-gay on his views. What was discussed at length during his stay could always be up for speculation.

    The LGBT community needs to come to agreement that no matter how much we wish or desire, we will not be able to persuade some peoples views of being “gay” is a sin or immoral …etc…

    All we can do and attempt is to remove people that are in positions of power from that political office or public standing and discredit them. Everyone is allowed to have different views and opinions, but when you force those upon us in an attempt to violate my rights in this country then that’s when action needs taken.

    I fear 2015 is going to be a rough year for the LGBT community in regards to gaining more rights, but I can see states creating new laws to corral gays separately to strip us of those rights. I’m also concerned that SCOTUS will push out a decision that will be riddled with holes that gives us the right to marry and be recognized as such, but will leave it open to be torn apart based on religious objections. It’s just a gut feeling, but I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

    Have a good day Scott…love your blogs.

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    1. Thanx Michael and great to have you comment as well, enjoy reading your thoughts. I think the bigger struggle for 2015 and beyond, is not just fighting for rights, some more may come, but acceptance is a bigger battle, and one much harder to win.


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