Scott Fullerton here, welcome to my blog site.  I am a Southern California transplant to the Great State of Ohio, (a story for another day), plunked down almost exactly half way between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, PA.  To the casual observer, I am usually thought of as funny, sarcastic, private, shy, and overall easy-going.  To those I let in, I can be all of those with a dash of intelligence, and a heaping helping of insecurity.  Yet, aren’t we all?

I currently work in a Cube Farm for a major, metropolitan, telecommunications company by day, as I try to break into this business called writing.  I know just enough word play, and have just enough Attention Deficit Disorder, where I can usually get idea to page, and have it miraculously make a little sense, while trying to control the rest of the chaos constantly surrounding my life.  This includes a small addiction to food and the entertainment industry, as well as taking care of my ill father and quietly, slowing down, mother.

I am currently single and slowly becoming too old to mingle, but I enjoy my friendships and time off.  I play for #TeamGay, so ladies, it’s basically chick flicks and long non-romantic dinners for us.  As far as the gentlemen go, if you can hold a decent conversation over a bottle of wine and can be quiet during the movie or play, we will probably get along fine.  If you like to travel…..Bonus!

Currently I am practicing my writing by doing recaps and reviews for the good people over at BroadwayWorld.com.  I write for The Red Band Society, which I relate to after being sick with meningitis and almost dying at the age of 16, and spending two interesting weeks at Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles.  I also write about the CBS show Madam Secretary, which gives me a great amount of joy, as I still regularly go back and visit my fictional good friends, President Jed Bartlet, and the rest of the cast of The West Wing, over on Netflix.

All words, thoughts, and ideas expressed on this page, are mine alone, (who else would claim them), and if you would ever like to discuss or debate anything you read or see here, please feel free to contact me on my Twitter feed: @LeftofStr8 or you can email me.  Thanks for following along Stranger Friends, I hope it is an interesting ride for the both of us!



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